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"Assocation of Tax Advisors" a network of tax advisors around the world.

For information about the Assocation of Tax Advisors please visit is our administration site for members of the Association.

The Association of Tax Advisors is a growing global network of already qualfied tax advisors and does not hold exams for membership. If you are applying for membership of the association you should already be qualified or appropriately experienced in the country in which you practice.

We also aim to work with Institutes, Associations and Tax Organisations or members of those local associations to help promote tax qualifications in countries around the world. For more information see

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Thank you for your interest in the Assocation of Tax Advisors.

Association of Tax Advisers

An Association "an organisation of individuals and firms with related trading interests and goals and one formed for mutual aid or development of its members".

The "Association of Tax Advisors" has been founded by Tax Publications Limited to help it's member firms and individuals succeed in the field of tax.

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