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Spelling Tax Advisor or Tax Adviser

We get asked "Whats the correct spelling "Tax Advisor" or "Tax Adviser"?

The answer is largely regional differences. The spelling is interchangeable as either are recognisable and correct.

We are called the "Association of Tax Advisors" as our aim is to be truly international in our network of tax advisors.

As to the correct spelling of "advisor" or "adviser" you can find our website under either. You'll find plenty of different opinions if you do a search online.

The UK and other countries tend to use "adviser".

The USA and others tend to use "advisor".

We are an internet based network of tax advisors and "advisors" is the most prominent spelling of the word online. "Advisor" gets around 82 Million hits compared to 28 Million for "adviser".

In addition you would not spell "administrator" as "administrer" would you?

or "Doctor" as docter?

or "Actor" acter?

So the choice for us was obvious. "Tax Advisors".

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